What is Spiral Sessions?
Spiral Sessions is a participant centered platform to explore challenging global topics in a safe space, so that we can respond with care and creativity to the systemic issues which have led us to this moment of ecological and social crisis. We offer a 6-stage program which draws on modalities from modern and ancient wisdom traditions to envision and take action towards a paradigm of "power-with" possibilities. We hold the session online and in person worldwide, with particular focus on the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Our pedagogy was inspired by a 'Digital Talking Circles' training led by Hereditary Chief brother Phil Lane Jr. (Ihanktonwan Dakota & Chickasaw nations) of the Four Worlds International Institute, and largely informed by Joanna Macy’s 'The Work that Reconnects'.

Through a Systems Thinking lens, we know that what effects one, effects the whole. We use the Spiral as a symbol to represent the growing force of nature, a movement to unite all things. It embodies our interconnection and interdependence.
Who Are You?
You are someone who cares.
This work is especially beneficial for youth and adults: wellness facilitators, artists, social change-makers, holistic entrepreneurs, all educators and students, environmentalists, tech professionals, corporate social responsibility initiatives, cultural institutions, government organizations, and NGOs.
“The basic concepts were easy to take in, the concepts can increase levels of awareness leading to conscious choice-making and thereby acting towards goals bigger than oneself."  
- Klaus Miserra (human)
"Certain dynamics and sessions shed light on personal aspects of my life, it was really nice to hold conversations "in the same language" with people who care about the same things."  
- Maria Paz (Founder of Paz Mindfulness, Yoga Teacher & Wellbeing Coach)

"I am very thankful for all the answers I received from this course has changed my life, and give me a big push to develop my social movement ALEF." 
- Tarek Abdo (Co-founder at Alef & Life Coach at Tarek Abdo Coaching)
Join a network of initiated, interconnected individuals
as we move from dissonance to harmony,
from separation to unity.
 Together we will cultivate holistic responses to our world at this crucial time
so that we may work collectively towards building a better future for one and all.​​​​​​​
Who Are We?
The Sessions Spiral was developed by Dajani Dana, Ghunaim Ali Marwan & Sea Sarah Clarke, who have been collaborating since 2016 with a focus on community wellness. Together, they have co-facilitated and led workshops across the Middle East and Europe, sharing Work That Reconnects, Time Banking, Capoeira, writing and performing, Talking Circles, embodiment, and more. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the trio have a shared passion for humanity, social justice, art, education, the moving human body, and the development of meaningful community.
Sarah Sea Clarke
Sarah Sea is a Movement Teacher and Facilitator certified by the Work That Reconnects global network and the Holistic Dance Institute in Austria. With a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree from Sussex University, Sarah Sea is also known as a Filmmaker, specializing in humanitarian documentary and video art. Originating from the British Isles, she has lived and worked internationally since 2008. Connection to self, others and the living planet is the red thread of Sarah’s multi-disciplinary work.

Dana Dajani
Dana Dajani is an award winning Palestinian writer, performer, and advocate. She is known for presenting a theatrical style of spoken word poetry which focuses on themes of social justice. As a speaker, Dana has given inspirational Keynote addresses on topics such as: Dreaming into an Empowered Education, Pathways to Success, Writing Workshops, Women in Conflict, Time Banking, and more. As a facilitator, Dana has been invited to offer trainings in Public Speaking, Acting and Improvisation, Writing for Performance, Therapeutic Journaling, and more.

Marwan Ali Ghunaim
Marwan was born and raised between the UAE and Jordan, and is originally from Palestine. He began his career in Human Resources Management in the UAE in 2004 and continued in Qatar in 2013. As he practices and teaches Capoeira as a lifestyle, Marwan has developed a passion for social well-being, alternative education and community living systems. And through these domains he founded Mystic Earth Wellness Festival in 2014. Marwan is developing The Synergy Projects which aims to build a sustainable community with alternative ways of Living.
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