Why Participate?
Perhaps, like us, you also can see that the world is in need of systemic change. You believe that humanity can do better, and you at least want to try to influence positive transformation in whatever ways you can. You may already be thinking about, or even working on, some kind of small local solutions.
If you are searching for a non judgemental place to share matters of the head and heart, and gain support for the work you are putting out, then you’ve found the right community.
We currently offer 2 online-courses, which both run over 4 weeks, and a monthly immersive intro workshop. Each course is designed to empower and support both the individual and the collective. 
In the first course, “Spiral In” we focus on internal response and resonance, while “Spiral Out” is geared towards taking positive action in the world.​​​​​​​ In the intro workshop, "Enter Connection", you will learn a brief overview of the entire 6 stage Spiral process. 
Enter Connection (2hrs online) 
Join an introductory workshop to the Spiral Sessions with a focus on "Living Systems" and ways of relating to self and other. A quick sample of our modalities and pedagogy will be presented in an insightful and dynamic 2-hour session.
Spiral In (4-weeks online)

During “Spiral In” you will learn the foundations of the Spiral Sessions program. This means becoming familiar with key concepts & common vocab, guidelines for sharing and holding safe space together, using creative tools for self-reflection, and working in small groups. In this course, participants will explore the first 4-stages of the Spiral:

Stage 1 - Initiation & Intention
Intro to Spiral Sessions concept, facilitators & participants
Overview of the first 4-stages of the Spiral
Group Agreements
Talking Circle concept and guidelines
Innersphere, Kinesphere, and Outersphere concept  
Self-reflection Intention setting

Stage 2 - Awareness & Gratitude
Honouring the land and people
What does it mean to be Aware? 
Presence through breath meditation
3 Stories - what reality are we living in?
Unpacking 'The Great Turning'
Exploring & Embodying Gratitude

Stage 3 - Hurts & Healing
Talking Circle variations
Exploring notions of trauma & resilience
Open sentences for self-reflection
Truth Mandala
Embodied practices for releasing

Stage 4 - Dynamic Vision 1
What is Dynamic Vision?
Introducing Time Deep
7th Generation principle
Exploring Living Systems Thinking
Spiral Out (4-weeks online)
In this second part of the Spiral, we move from sensing and feeling towards active transformation. We advise that those interested in the “Spiral Out” program participate in “Spiral In” first, since we build off of established common vocabulary and shared practices to deepen our connections and develop individual projects. Participants will be guided through 3 stages over 4 sessions:

Stage 4 - Dynamic Vision 2 
Systems Thinking continued
Future Beings
Tuning in to your vision
From Industrial Growth to life sustaining societies

Stage 5 - Action & Support
Creating your Life Map
The Great Turning - playing your part
Moving from conceptualisation into action
Time Banking - tapping into community support 
Callings & Resources
Accepting Your Mission

Community Action - Talking Circle 
One session is entirely for the circle and whatever needs to come up and out with a focus on your project development

Stage 6 - Impact & Influence
Measuring Impact and Influence
Integrating community responses
Tree of life embodied practice
Strategies for talking to adversaries 
Resistance discussion & Roleplay
Circle of Blessings
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